Greenbike has been selling and servicing Brompton bikes since 2006. We are able to service Bromptons fast because we have the most common spare parts in stock. Greenbike provides brochures, test rides, bikes, service, spare parts and advice for all things Brompton related. We take care of the first service (200 km or 3 months from purchase) with years of experience for every Brompton bought from Greenbike. As a customer of Greenbike you'll have access to a quick and experienced service and get spare parts without waiting.

When buying a Brompton, consider these benefits you can get only at Greenbike.

Taking care of tire pressures and general cleaning are easy tasks for most Brompton owners. The easiest way to ensure proper tire pressures is to use a floor pump or visit a gas station for air. As you clean the bike you'll easily notice if some part needs adjustment or service. Regular servicing and cleaning extends the lifetime of your bike considerably.

Old picture of maintenance points.

If you want to service your Brompton yourself, Brompton offers plenty of service instructions and schematics.
You can also find lots of private guides and DIY-videos for home mechanics.

Use common sense when following instructions other than those provided by Brompton.