Greenbike was founded 1994. We have always focused on bike rental and second-hand bikes. In 2006 we were the first bike shop in Finland to start selling and servicing Brompton folding bikes.

|| 1994-2005 || Makasiinit.
Greenbike was located in "VR Makasiinit" for 11 years. They were closed in early 2006. We moved away about a month before the whole building burned down.

|| 2006-2008 || Bulevardi 32 and Fredikinkatu 31 - shop and rental separated.
We had two separate locations for 3 years. Rental was in Bulevardi, bike shop 200m away in Fredrikinkatu. The shop in Fredrikinkatu was closed due to renovation and Greenbike moved completely to Bulevardi.

|| 2009-2011 || Bulevardi - Shop and rental point together.
Shop was too small to have everything available so we had a limited selection of second-hand bikes during summer and limited repairs only to bikes bought from Greenbike.

|| 2012-2013 || Rental in Kamppi, shop in Bulevardi.
During 2012-2013 bike rental was in Helsinki bike center, in Narinkkatori.

|| 2014 || Rental and shop together again.
Rental bikes and equipment again filled the floor space almost completely.

|| 2015->2019 || Bike shop in Bulevardi.
Greenbike will no longer be renting bikes at all. Stairs are not ideal in a bike shop, but the location was the best we could find for a long time.

|| 2020-> || Bike shop in Kirstinkatu 4.
We are now able to offer bike service even during the peak summerseason, since the shop is a lot roomier than before. Some small renovation will be done in early 2021.

Common questions:
Why can I find several different opening hours for Greenbike from different websites?

Answer: Greenbike Rental was open every day during summer. We still change opening hours during the course of the year (2-3 days/week in the winter, 4-5/days during summer) We can only keep our own website always updated.
We try to inform about changing opening hours at least 2 weeks in advance in our "Contact information"-page.

Can I loan tools to repair my own bike?
No, we need the tools. In 2022 you can visit Pyöräpaja in Pasila or Ruoholahti Helsinki Bike Center. They also have volunteers/stafdf to help you.